About Life Kitchen

Hi, I’m John. I have a PhD in Science and over 15 years of experience in technology and biotechnology, in various fields. One of my biggest passions is healthy nutrition - I love getting the most out of food. I wasn’t always like that, but you could say that from a very early age I discovered the world of food and was fascinated with it.

I became a vegetarian when I was 11. But 6 months later I was brought to the doctor due to malnutrition. As you can guess - my diet was lacking most of the required nutrients. Since I didn’t want to quit being a vegetarian, I had to come up with the solution myself. This was the first step in a long journey, to make healthy and tasty food.

A few years ago, I started a weight loss process, in which I found myself constantly at a dead-end. There was no ready-to-eat healthy and tasty food. If I wanted to keep to my diet, I had to cook all meals by myself. As a very busy person - this was a huge challenge. This personal experience, made me research a bit about what’s available - the results were quite disheartening: ready-to-eat meals were overloaded with fat, salt and preservatives. A far cry from my idea of healthy, nutritious and tasty.

At the same time, I also started facing a new reality with my mum. At the age of 60+, by herself, her motivation to cook food was completely gone. It seems as if the joy, the reward, the comfort of good food, had vanished. Adding this to the fact that with age appear more health issues - a healthy nutrition is key.

So here I am, not 11 anymore (and no longer a vegetarian too..), I realised that a healthy and tasty ready-to-eat meal, will be highly beneficial not just for me, the very busy working type, but also for my mum’s age group. They are in need of good nutritious food, the kind that will be a joyful, healthy and comforting experience.