Answers to #OurNumbersAreUp so far!

Get the answers to our competition #OurNumbersAreUp as they are revealed.

Are you late to play along with our social media competition #OurNumbersAreUp? Don’t worry, you can find all the answers to the previous clues you missed here!

Have you missed what the competition is about? Are you confused as to how the competition works? The answers to those questions can be found on this page

1st Number: The road to take for Shannon and Limerick is the M……??

18 answers

Answer: 18… We have 18 different recipes to choose from when getting one of our meal plans!! You can see our meal plans here


2nd Number: On the northside of the M50, there is a sign above the road, the number we are looking for is the exit to bring you to Belfast and the Airport.?

3 answers

Answer: 3… Each of our meals contains 3 of your 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables!! You can see the meals we do here


3rd Number: At Newgrange, how many people in the photo are wearing red jackets?

0 answers

Answer: 0… Which is also the amount of added sugar and salt you’ll find in our meals and desserts. Zero, zilch, zip, nothing, nada, niente, nil, the square root of zero. Why not have a look at these delicious, healthy desserts here?


4th Number: What is the speed limit in St. Stephen’s Green?


Answer: 30… We have at least 30 grams of protein in all of our meals and desserts! That’s half of your daily protein intake in one meal or dessert! You can see all the nutritional information for the individual meals on our healthy meals and healthy desserts pages in each meals page. You can find them here


5th Number: Take the distance to Cork and the distance to Little Island. Add them together to get the last number!



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