The Perfect Meal: How to Create it with this simple guide.

Hundreds of healthy perfect meal combinations made easy.

To create the perfect meal you know you need a good balance of proteins, carbs, fats. But how do you turn that knowledge into healthy meals that taste delicious? Just mix and match these ingredients, flavour profiles, and cooking methods to create the perfect meal every time. Seriously, this guide could change your life.



So how do you create this perfect meal?

At Life Kitchen, it’s our mission to help people develop healthy eating habits for life. That means:

  • Eating fresh, minimally-processed food as often as possible.
  • Including a balance of protein, veggies, smart carbs, healthy fats.
  • Adjusting portions to meet health and body composition goals.
  • We provide meals based on these rules through our home delivery service

That all sounds great. But the trick is to do it all in a way that’s super-easy and tastes awesome.

That’s where Life Kitchen’s “Nutrition for Life” Programme comes in.

We have developed an extensive range of meals available exclusively through our website that help supply:

  1. Fitness enthusiasts with exact nutritional requirements
  2. Overweight people who want to live a healthy life
  3. Busy professionals who find it hard to get the time to cook
  4. Older people who have lost the motivation to cook
  5. Carers looking after a loved one and want a bit of balance in their lives.

And if you are still motivated to cook here is something to help you prepare the perfect healthy meal!

Behold the Perfect Meal cheat sheet.

Precision Nutrition created a cheat sheet that helps clients build amazing meals that pack in maximum flavour with minimal effort. And it’s finally ready.

Using the simple instructions in this info-graphic, you’ll be able to mix and match ingredients and flavour profiles to come up with literally thousands of easy, delicious, health-supporting meals.

Warning: This guide could change your life.

Download the graphic for your printer or tablet. Keep it in your kitchen or bring it along on your next food shopping trip. And be sure to share it with your friends.

Create the perfect meal

Learn more healthy-eating strategies.

In Life Kitchen’s “Nutrition for Life” programme, we give men and women the strategies (and support) they’ve been missing to help them achieve health and fitness that have eluded them for years.

Over the course of 12 months, they develop nutrition and exercise habits that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Sure, the world of nutrition and fitness can be a confusing place. But it doesn’t have to be. Once you get personalised attention from a knowledgeable coach, your path to healthy, energetic, and capable comes into sharp focus.

We’ll soon be opening the Life Kitchen Nutrition for Life Coaching program for a small number new clients. If you’re interested in joining us, please put your name on the pre-sale list by entering your details below.

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If your not ready to join us email us at and we will send you out a number of our articles that will help to describe what we do in a bit more detail as well as a number of invaluable tips free of charge.

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