Pregnancy: How to eat healthily and stay healthy

What to eat during pregnancy.
How food affects you and your baby.

By Dr. John Collier

Your diet during these nine months matters more than you may think. Here’s what to eat during pregnancy. It’s the info (and inspiration) you need to stay healthy

Yes, it’s important to pack on a certain number of pounds during pregnancy, but how many? And exactly how should you do it?

The stereotype: Pickles and ice cream. The problem? It’s too easy to fall into that mode as you watch your belly grow.

Follow this fun, easy guide to building the optimal pregnancy diet, and keep a copy in your house, car, and office. Get a clear picture of your menu for the next 40 weeks — and of the benefits of sticking to it — and let the person you’re about to bring into the world supply the mystery.


Love what you learned? For a complete explanation of this infographic, check out our accompanying article:

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