Eating Right for your Age, A brief How To guide

Adjusting your eating habits as you get older is one of the mot important things you can do to help you live a longer, fuller life.

50+ers often report a renewed sense of purpose as they let go of earlier self-images and look ahead to the next phase. They’re “over themselves” and don’t feel so pushed and pulled by many stressors that 20-somethings might struggle with. In your 50s, some physical signs of aging are definitely starting to pop up.

• Joints are now creaking. Formerly lean parts may be squishy, even if you’re fit.
• Your circadian rhythm may have shifted. While you partied to 5 AM in your 20s, you’re now finding 5 AM is your wake-up time.
• If you’re female, you’re noticing menopause symptoms; if you’re male, you’re noticing lower testosterone.
• Your exercise has to do with rehabilitation of injuries and controlling inflammation.Even the fittest people can see the signs of ageing in their body

eating right as your age fitness workout

Even the fittest people can see the signs of ageing in their body

Follow these nutritional habits to keep yourself healthy and fit.

• Adjust your eating habits by reducing your caloric intake as your metabolism continues to slow down.
Protein is not just for athletes! Try eating a minimum of 50g/day to keep your muscles working and stop muscle loss.
• Make an effort to get essential fatty acids to keep your brain sharp (Omega-3 fatty acids in particular) by eating fish rich in fatty acids such as in our Seafood Pie and Boullibaisse.
• Try evidence-based anti-inflammatory supplementation, such as: garlic, turmeric, cocoa, tea and berries.
• Watch your blood sugar levels and stay moving. Regular activity helps keep muscles strong as well as regulate glucose levels to prevent Type 2 diabetes.
• Keep on enjoying your favourite fitness activities, but factor in more time for mobility.
• Focus on nutrition, towards quality food choices and prevention of chronic disease, such as protein-rich foods and nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables. Fibre from these are important too to keep things moving!
Combating isolation is crucial as there is a direct link connecting isolation with malnourishment. It is much less motivating to cook for one! So invite friends over, call in on family or join a dinner club and make sure there is healthy food around you the whole time!

Lamb Chilli Infographic eating healthy meals delivered

Our Lamb Chilli is a great way of getting the nutrition you need!

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