Frequently Asked Questions

Life Kitchen Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we aim to answer a number of Frequently Asked Questions we receive at Life Kitchen, if you don’t find the answer to your question you can get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

What is Life Kitchen?

We are an Irish start-up company who are passionate about developing good quality, healthy meals to address the pain points in the consumer’s lifestyle. We believe that healthy eating can be easy, straightforward and delivered to your door. All our products are high in Protein, and are Sugar and Gluten Free and are suitable for Diabetics.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source as much of our ingredients as possible from Ireland. All our meat is 100% Irish and fully traceable, our Protein is 100% produced here in Ireland and as much of our vegetables as possible are sourced here in Ireland except for some seasonal produce which we source in the U.K.


Are you a Subscription service?

Yes, we are, every four weeks you choose your plan and every four weeks we bill your account. You are free to put your account on hold at any time and to skip weeks for any reason, for example if you go on holidays. Just click Suspend Account in your my My Account page, to reactivate just click Activate. Alternatively send an email to and we can sort it all out for you hassle free.

Can I cancel or suspend my Subscription?

Yes, Life Kitchen come with no strings attached. When you sign up to Life Kitchen, the default weekly delivery is set up for your account. There is no membership fee, no annual fee and you can pause, suspend or cancel your membership at any time. You only pay for the food you get delivered, and nothing else. Whenever you’re away you can simply skip deliveries in the “My Deliveries” tab of your account.

But remember, we need 5+ days of notice to prepare for your box. If you want to skip a delivery, remember to do that in your account by noon 5+ days before the delivery.

What if I am planning to go on holiday’s?

That’s no problem, just suspend your account in “My Account” for that week(s) in advance and we will suspend your delivery and the charge for the period you are away.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged once you set up your first subscription and if you set up an ongoing subscription you will be charged every four weeks. Remember you are allowed to take a break and pause your account if you need. You can control all of this in your own “My Account”.

Are my payment details secure?

Yes, our payment structure is set up through Stripe and is a certified secure account.

How do I manage My Account?

Once set up you will have your own account with your password to manage your subscriptions, deliveries, payments and meal choices.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver throughout Ireland and the U.K.

Is delivery free?

Yes delivery is Free on all Subscription packages, if purchasing products outside of the subscription packages delivery is free on all orders above €120.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver Tuesday to Friday in Ireland and Tuesday to Thursday in the U.K.

You will need to order two days prior to delivery, for example.

Order Day                                Delivery Day

Monday                                    Wednesday

Tuesday                                   Thursday

Wednesday                            Friday

Thursday                                  Tuesday

Friday                                        Tuesday

What should I do when the box/bag arrives?

Remove everything from your box/bag and place in your refrigerator.

Can the box sit in my house all day?

Yes, our ice packs will keep things cool and fresh for 48 hours, but remember to place things in a real refrigerator as soon as you can.

How long does your produce last?

All meals will be guaranteed to last the minimum of the week but you should check all items individually.

What if I am not there when the delivery arrives?

Don’t worry if you are not at home, in fact the majority of our customers are not at home when we deliver. You will get notice on the morning of delivery and if you are not there you tell us where we can leave your box safely (with a neighbour, in a shed, on your doorstep) and our delivery guy will leave it there for you. Remember our specially designed packaging and cooling elements will keep all your food fresh for 48 hours.