Healthy Desserts to keep you on track- Free Recipes!

Do you fear avoiding the inevitable sweet things around the house? With this free book of recipes you can have your cake and eat it too! Enter your details below and learn how to make some healthy desserts to keep you going, whether for Christmas Day or to get yourself ready for the New Year.


We  all know how hard it can be to keep to your diet or to eat more healthily when you have a sweet tooth. Here at Life Kitchen we firmly believe that to eat well you don’t need to starve yourself or avoid sweet things. That is why we developed our range of healthy desserts that are available in SuperValu’s around Cork or online at


It can also be really hard to get nice healthy desserts if you are a coeliac or diabetic. There is very little on the market and the products that are available are full of chemicals to give them flavour and to preserve them. We have made our products so they are suitable for both coeliacs and diabetics and they also have the benefit of being high in quality protein!

healthy_pannacotta healthy_chocolate_mousse healthy_lemon_cheesecake

Click on the pictures to get a detailed nutritional breakdown of the healthy desserts.

To give you some festive ideas we have compiled a number of festive desserts that will help you keep to your nutritional goals. To get the recipes free of charge enter your details below and it will be sent to you.

In a number of SuperValu’s around Ireland our healthy desserts (Chocolate Mousse, Zingy Lemon Cheesecake) are available to buy and we are increasing our stores weekly so keep an eye out here to see where we are stocked. Our Healthy Desserts can also be ordered online at

If you cannot get access to these now some of these recipes may keep you going.


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