Our Nutritional Principles

Firstly, we strongly believe that knowledge is power when we are deciding what to put into our bodies. We aim to provide high protein food with no added sugar that are 100% natural.
To help you make an informed decision we are fully open in what we do and the nutritional quality of our meals. We give a full detailed nutritional description on each meal on our site and we sent a leaflet out with each meal as well for your perusal. As a food scientist I keep a close eye on the scientific literature in nutrition and regularly do blog articles or make resources available that are of interest to you.

No Added Sugar

The quality of our ingredients is important to us. There are a few things we want to be able to proclaim:

  • All our meat is Irish and traceable back to farm. We only use prime cuts.
  • The protein in our desserts and wellness drinks is also guaranteed Irish. No other protein drink currently has Irish protein. Our grass fed cows result in higher nutritional quality milk with a better amino acid profile and healthy conjugated linoleic acids (CLA’s) than others.
  • We also don’t use as colours, additives or preservatives. Our products are 100% natural with no added sugar.

Our meals plans are all designed around best nutritional practices and all our meals are balanced. So you don’t need to eat any sides or extras outside of what we provide for you.

High Protein Food

High Protein Food

All our meals contain 25-30g of protein minimum, even the desserts which is important to help keep healthy muscle function and reduce the likelihood of sacropaenia or muscle loss. Consuming high protein food not alone help you maintain or build muscle but also helps you burn more of your fat reserves.

We believe in using slower release carbohydrates in the form of vegetables or pulses which help to regularise your blood sugar levels and keep you satiated for longer. The higher than normal vegetable input also then increases the levels of vitamins and minerals you ingest. Secondly we use vegetables that are naturally higher in different nutrients. For example we use sweet potato instead of normal white potatoes to increase vitamin A levels and to reduce the glycaemic index of the meal.

There is no ingredient in our products that contain gluten but our products are not produced in a dedicated gluten free facility.

The wellness drinks, soups and mains all contain a minimum of 3 portions of fruit or veg to help you achieve a minimum of 5 portions a day.

Our wellness drinks, soups and mains have no added sugar and reduced salt levels to make them as healthy as possible.

100% Natural

Finally, it is well known and studied that isolation as you get older is one of the main driving factors behind malnourishment. We truly want to build a community around our products to try and get people talking and to break the isolation every now and then. This is done by having dinner clubs where subscribers are invited to a free dinner in a local restaurant to meet other customers and participate in activities like nutrition classes, talks, computer classes etc. We also will have a chatroom available and we would love to hear about your meal ideas and we will crowdsource these on a regular basis.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions about any of our meals or service please feel free to contact us through the contact form and we will respond.