How it Works

How It Works

What we do is get high quality, healthy meals delivered to your door, read below to find out how it works and get started on picking the first meals of our meal plan and get our healthy meals delivered to your home.

How it works


we care about the environment: our packaging is biodegradable and our containers are recyclable. The box is cushioned with real and reusable sheep’s wool, that maintains the temperature at less than 5 degrees for 48 hours. Our packaging is 100% compostable, or you can return the sheep’s wool to us for re-use.

Healthy Meals Delivered

We use DPD as our delivery service provider. The only approved food delivery service in Ireland by An Bord Bia. You choose the date that suits you most, and we’ll deliver the meals to your doorstep.


We want to make it quick and safe for you. Stripe is the payment platform: easy, fast and secure. Stripe allows us to offer you a more flexible subscription plan – you can freeze your subscription at any time, without any extra charges.

How Life Kitchen Works

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