Our Numbers Are Up! Win a €500 Holiday Voucher.

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Welcome to our new competition called #OurNumbersAreUp. On a weekly basis we deliver healthy fresh meals all over our fantastic country Ireland. To celebrate this fact we are going to bring you on a journey to 5 destinations around Ireland. The ultimate prize is a 500 euro holiday voucher with spot prizes throughout as well.

The rules are pretty simple.

Competition Rules.

What is the competition called?

The competition is called #OurNumbersAreUp

How does the competition work?

As of 07/06/2016 we have 486 Facebook page likes and 847 twitter followers.

We will start with a zoomed out map of Ireland, for a certain amount of Facebook page likes or twitter followers we get, we will zoom in the picture until we reach street level. From there you will be given a clue which will give you a number that can be seen at that location. Comment on our Facebook post or send us a tweet with that number using our hashtag #OurNumbersAreUp to be in with a chance of winning a spot prize.

We have 5 numbers in total, when the 5th number is given out, we will announce a time period for you to send in the email with your 5 answers. the person who EMAILS us at info@lifekitchen.ie with ALL 5 numbers will win the prize. We will only be taking people who email in all 5 answers, Facebook comments and tweets will not be considered.

If you are not on Facebook or Twitter don’t worry. If you email or phone us with your name and address we will include you and you can keep updated here on our blog.

What is the prize?

The prize is a holiday voucher worth €500.

We will also have spot prizes with bits of kit from Hairy Baby and some of our delicious meals.

How can you find our facebook and twitter accounts?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lifekitchen.ie

Twitter: www.twitter.com/life_kitchen_ie

Can you enter if you have already liked the Facebook page/followed us on Twitter?

Absolutely! Just do not unlike and like the page again, we are only going to release the next clue as the number of likes/follows grows, so unliking/liking again will only keep that number in the same place. We would encourage you to get your friends to like the page, the quicker our numbers go up, the quicker we release the next picture. Keep a look out for the clues and comment on the posts to win a spot prize and when you get all 5 answers email in to be in with a chance of winning the top prize.

How do you win?

To win the main prize EMAIL the 5 answers to info@lifekitchen.ie with your postal address, one winner will be selected at random from all of the correct emails we receive.

To win one of the spot prizes, comment on our Facebook post or send a tweet to @life_kitchen_ie and use the hashtag #OurNumbersAreUp and we will select one winner from there. We like humour so try and make your post as interesting as you can.

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