Why Choose Us

Life Kitchen was born out of a real life need and concern. Making sure our food is healthy and nutritious is not an easy task these days. Our reality and circumstances are constantly changing, and this challenges us to find solutions.

If we need to make sure that our loved ones are being well fed, with healthy and tasty food, but we’re too far away from them, then this is a concern.

If cooking was previously an easy enough job to do, it could be that over the years, it carries with it more burden than what we’ve signed up for.

The fact is that cooking takes time and effort. We don’t always have the time and energy to plan the meal, go to the supermarket, cook and clean after. We don’t always have the motivation to start a meal from scratch, especially if it’s just for ourselves.

It is a sort of catch 22 – we want to enjoy a healthy and tasty meal, we want to have certainty that our food addresses all our cravings and needs and is still nutritious. But, the mere thought of planning and cooking it, day in and day out, simply puts us off.

Life Kitchen addresses all these issues and much more. This is why you should choose us:

Our food

It’s not just a plain, ready-to-serve meal. Our food is comfort food, a product of attention and care, made of the highest quality ingredients. You can be sure that our meals will provide you with rich taste, celebration of flavours and a joyful experience.


We used nutritional principles to design all of our meals, that’s why they are fully balanced and contain all the nutrients your body needs. Furthermore, you get all the information about the content of each meal and its nutritional value. We put in our scientific knowledge to bring you the healthiest product out there.

Delivery to your door

You pick the day, you pick the time, we deliver. In case you need to make last minute changes on the day of delivery – that is also possible.

Easy-to-use subscription

Each of our meal plans is straight forward – no hidden add-ons, no extra charges, what you see is what you get. In case you are going on a holiday you can freeze your subscription in a single click. It is as simple as that.


Yes, we care deeply about the environment, that’s why our packaging is biodegradable, padded with sheep’s wool and served in recyclable containers. You can be assured that by using our services you are 100% environmentally friendly.

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